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There is a novel locked within you that someone out there needs to read.

We'll help you deliver.

We enable fiction writers to go from a rough idea to a strong plot outline.

Forget about not knowing where to start, getting stuck in the middle, or doing massive rewrites. With the right story plan in your hands, your chances of completing your novel on a winning note will quadruple. 

How it Works

Interesting Characters

Create authentic, multi-layered characters that will carry the weight of your story.

Rich Worldbuilding

Develop a rich, detailed backdrop for your story that will suck in the reader right from the beginning.

Plot Outline

Plan ahead with our 4-act structure to create a real transformation in your hero.

We don't give you answers. We simply ask all the right questions.

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Getting Started The Easy Way

No Installation

Work online without having to download, install, or configure anything.

Secure & Safe

Only you can see and edit your ideas, stories, characters, worlds, and outlines.

Access Anywhere

Work wherever you have an internet connection, even on your mobile. Export to Word when you're done.
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May The Muse Be Ever With You

Manage Your Ideas

Manage all your story ideas from a single screen with quick filtering and tagging. Need new ideas? Try the brainstorming engines. Ready to turn an idea into a story? Just click “Start New Story” and get planning.

Beginning To End

Manage Your Stories

Create unlimited stories, each with its cast of characters, plot notes, and novel outline. Easily export all story notes into a Word document that will serve you even offline.

Make Us Care

Cast Your Characters

Explore each character’s physiology, psychology, and sociology. Discover how they work together to create an engaging, multi-dimensional person that will win your readers’ hearts.
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Unique, Proven Method

4-Act Structure

No more getting lost or bogged down in the huge “Middle Act.” Our 4-act structure simply makes more sense.

With the 4-act method up your sleeve, you’ll find it easier to plot, write, and complete your novels.

With You All The Way

Guided Creation

We don’t give you answers. We simply ask you the best questions that will help you flesh out your characters, worlds, and act outlines. Your imagination will do the rest.

God Is In The Details

Comprehensive Worldbuilding

Use 17 types of guided articles to flesh out your world’s locations, nature and magic, people and society, and history. We’ll help you think up the interesting angles.
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We Love You Too!

What Our Fans Have To Say

"Amazingly helpful! Really helped me get into my characters’ heads which improved my novel 100%. I can’t wait to see new features as they are developed!"
Katie Marie
Published Writer
"This is an amazing website you have here! It's the most useful writing tool I've ever seen. "
Destiny Salter
Ivy League Editor
Monthly Plan
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Unlimited Ideas & Stories
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   $4 monthly
Yearly Plan
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Unlimited Ideas & Stories
Characters Module
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30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

You Might Be Wondering...

Is NovelChick Free?

NovelChick is free to sign up, manage your unlimited ideas,  and brainstorm. You can also create a story, one hero, and one world article in the free plan.

Everything beyond that point — unlimited characters, plot notes, world articles, and detailed act outlines — is available as soon as you upgrade your account. You can control your subscription from within the platform.

Is NovelChick For Me?

If you want to write a popular book that sells well—then NovelChick is precisely for you.

NovelChick works best for writers who:

  • Don’t know how to go from idea to full plot
  • Are tired of writing by the seat of their pants and getting nowhere
  • Need help with their character, worldbuilding, or plotting skills

Will NovelChick Help Me Complete My Novel?

Yes. When you know in advance where your novel is going and why, you’ll find it easier to complete the first draft, and you’ll need fewer revisions to make it all flow together.

When I'm Done Writing My Outline, What's Next?

You can export your complete outline, characters, and plot notes into an editable Word document with one click of the mouse. The resulting file will be your constant guide as you write the first draft.

Will You Help Me If I Get Stuck?

Yes! You can always reach us through the website chat/email in the bottom right corner, or through the support ticket system. We’ll do our best to help you hatch and grow your novel.

Who's behind NovelChick?

Hi there! I'm Tal, a writer and programmer with a deep passion for literature and for helping others (and for cats). I use my programming skills to spread the written word, help writers find their voices, and engage more readers. After four years of running Re:Fiction, an online magazine for fiction writers, I've built NovelChick to help writers bridge the gap between a vague idea and a detailed plot. Come in and see for yourself—I can't wait to show you around!
Tal Valante
Founder of Litwise Ltd. and NovelChick
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